About Me

I’m a Bible-loving, home-schooling, bread-baking, always-crafting Mom to 7 plus Stepmom to 2.  You can also find me at www.wordsofhisheart.wordpress.com where I blog about our daily life, mostly revolving around Noah, our 7-year-old (as of 2014) with Down syndrome and apraxia.

www.21reasons.wordpress.com is where I blog mostly about my adventures with a brand-spanking new Viking Royale embroidery machine and learning to digitize with 6D Premier digitizing software and the other crafts that consume my time.  The machine and software will be purchased in mid- to late-March 2014, and my Etsy store, www.21Reasons.etsy.com is already up and running with items including vintage crochet,  machine embroidered dish towels, felt dress-up dolls and word art.  Sprinkled throughout my posts, you’ll find tips on everything from stabilizers and thread to links to freebies and my own freebies as well.  As I come up to speed on digitizing designs, you will see some of them offered here as freebies.  Think of yourselves as beta testers.  Download my designs, if you are a blogger, share them with your readers via links back to my blog, stitch them out and send me feedback.  I won’t release them until I’ve stitched them out successfully and I’m satisfied with them, but I want to know what YOU think about them and how I can improve.

Comments?  I LOVE comments!  And I love fellow crafters and bloggers!  Don’t hesitate to tell me about your blog in my comment section.  The more the merrier!


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